Children's Storyteller page. Storytelling in London is alive and well with these imaginative children's shows by a full-time magician and storyteller who redefines what children's party entertainment can be. Christopher the magician presents a one-of-a-kind show as a children's storyteller in London. Watch the video for highlights from the show on the main site!

These shows feature a fascinating narrative for children ages 4-7. The story is about a Magical Island where two children wake up after a nap. On the island they meet singing animals, a friendly magician and pirates! The magician teaches the children that in order to break the pirate spell that's been cast over the island that they must first learn to not be afraid. But will it be enough to break the spell?

The show's narrative is full of magic from the magician as well as puppetry, songs and music especially composed for the act.

Christopher's approach as a storyteller is to engage children's vibrant imaginations rather than just hyping them up and getting them to go mad for the duration of your party. Does the approach work? Check the testimonials!

This is old fashioned children's storytelling at its best. There's no wonder that many parents have commented that they've never seen their school group sitting to riveted to watch a show before.

"This charming performance held the attention of children and adults alike. Part magic, part adventure, this imaginative tale takes you to an island where anything can happen."
- N. Cary, Museum of Childhood, V&A (Bethnal Green), (London children's storyteller)

"Christopher has a natural and relaxed manner with children… He held an audience of over 60 excitable fidgety and temperamentally restless school boys spellbound for an hour (and their teachers, too)…an excellent show!"
- Mr. M. Spilberg, Headmaster, Lyndhurst House Preparatory School, (Hampstead, London), ( storytelling show at this school for five years running)

"He knew exactly how to capture and how to sustain their interest… They loved every minute of it."
- Mrs. Shiralee Puzey, Headmistress, Thomas's School, (Pimlico, London), (storytelling for children)