Kids Magician page. There are a number of London kids magicians out there so it's good to spend a few minutes to decide the best one for you. Christopher is a kids magician based in London who works full time as a magician. In his kids act, he has found special ways to entertain his audiences that stand apart from the crowd. Parents and teachers constantly praise him for producing spellbound kids unlike they've ever seen before.

Christopher's technique is to engage children's vibrant imaginations rather than working them up into a frenzy. Kids magicians sometimes are known for their naughty jokes and silly banter, but this show proves there's a different way to keep children riveted. Does his approach work? Read the testimonials to see!

These kids magician shows are full of magic from start to finish, but all the magic is wrapped up with an exciting narrative, songs that have been composed especially for this show, and puppet characters who help tell the story.

If you're planning a big event with lots of children, you'll probably need more help though. In such cases, we're happy to save you some time and provide extra London kids magicians to help make the party a success. (And you can relax instead!). Visit the main site!

"This charming performance held the attention of children and adults alike. Part magic, part adventure, this imaginative tale takes you to an island where anything can happen."
- N. Cary, Museum of Childhood, V&A (Bethnal Green, London)

"The show was even better than I expected from the rave reviews all over the website!"
- Ms. G. Sandringham, Mother, (London) (Kids Magician Booking)

"He knew exactly how to capture and how to sustain their interest…. They loved every minute of it."
- Mrs. Shiralee Puzey, Headmistress, Thomas's School, (Pimlico, London)
(Children's entertainer for age 4)